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      Cassia Seeds
    Cassia Seeds,决明子

    Cassia Seeds
    ( 决明子 )

    Moistens intestines and unblocks the bowels - dry, chronic constipation especially due to liver yin deficiency.
    Lowers blood pressure and serum cholesterol.

    Category: HealthCare
    Herbal Medicine

    Indication Cassia seed is commonly used as Chinese medicine, by using its seeds as medicinal herb in alternative healing for ailments to treat Liver problems, treating eyesight, helps to ease sore or red eyes and astringent pain, reduces and lower high blood pressure, headache, dizziness, acute conjunctivitis, corneal ulcers, glaucoma, carbuncle, to normalize high blood pressure, Hepatitis, cirrhosis and ascites (gastroenterological term for an accumulation of fluid in the peritoneal cavity.)

    Ingredients Jue Ming Zi

    100g / Bottle

    Cassia seeds come from the cassia, an annual plant that grows in the world's tropical zones. It is an upright-growing plant that can reach a height of more than four feet, with large, green leaves and yellow flowers. The entire plant is picked and reaped in autumn, then dried in the sun. The seeds threshed off the plant, and can be used either raw or after being fried.
    Semen Cassiae (决明子)
    fjuqvgiljuemingzi3fjuqvgiljuemingzi4Semen Cassiae is a wild crop plant that belongs to the Caesalpinaceae plant family and genus Cassia. Cassia tora seeds are hard to beat in their quality and affordability. They are bold and small seeds. These seeds are also shiny and are duly machine cleaned. These cassia tora seeds are available into many ranges such as cassia tora seed and natural cassia tora seeds

    Cassia tora L., (=Cassia obtusifolia L.), Caesalpiniaceae, occurs throughout India as a weed. The leaves, flowers and young fruits are illustrated.

    The plant is known for its significant medicinal value. The Cassia plant mainly grows in the tropical regions of India and is commercially supplied in bulk from regions of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. Cassia Tora Seed or Jue Ming Zi in Chinese, or the ripe seed of sickelpod cold nature of the fruit is excellent for cooling down the body. Cassia Tora Seed is highly valued in ancient Chinese herb.

    This bitter and salty Cassia Tora Seed has also been credited as an eyesight booster. Cassia Tora can also helps by removing intensive heat from the liver and improving vision, moisturizing intestine and easing the bowels. Great help for losing weight as well.


    草决明为一年生、直立、粗壮草本,高1~2米。偶数羽状复叶,长4~8厘米,叶柄上无腺体,叶铀上每 对小叶间有棒状的腺体1枚,小叶3对,纸质,倒心形或倒卵状长椭圆形,长2~6厘米,宽1.5~2.5厘米,顶端钝而有小尖头,基部渐狭,偏斜,两面被柔毛,小叶柄长1.5~2毫米,托叶线形,被柔毛,早落。花盛夏开放,腋生,通常2朵聚生,总梗长6~10毫米,花梗长1~1.5厘米,丝状,萼片5枚,膜质,下部合生成短管,外面被柔毛,长约8毫米,花瓣5,黄色,下面二片略长,发育雄蕊7枚,子房无柄,被白色柔毛。荚果纤细,近线形,有四直棱,两端渐尖,长达5厘米,宽3~4毫米,种子菱形,光亮。



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