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    Ju hua cha (chrysanthemum flower tea/Flos chrysanthemi) commonly is consumed in main-land China almost as much as green tea, and especially during the summer months, due to both the medicinal effects, along with an excellent taste!

    Not only is it found in every household, it is commonplace for restaurants to list Ju hua cha on the menu, along with other tea, fruit, cola and alcoholic beverages.

    It usually is brewed as a single herbal tea and sweetened to taste with Chinese rock sugar or honey. It also is a 1:1 ratio. Hong Ji and I prefer to drink it in this style, without the sugar.

    As we are trained in Chinese medicine, this flower is time-honored for its effect on the body to vent exterior pathogenic invasion of "wind heat" of the lung and skin, and quell interior "fire" conditions of the liver and heart. Furthermore, it also is yin-nourishing. Presenting symptoms might include common cold and flu signs such as headache, slight chills/fever, dizziness, swelling, red painful, and/or itchy eyes, blurred vision, irritability and skin rash.

    【性味】 甘、苦,微寒。

    【归经】 归肺、肝经。

    【功能主治】 散风清热,平肝明目。用于风热感冒,头痛眩晕,目赤肿痛,眼目昏花。

    【用法用量】 5~9g。




    【摘录】 《中国药典》

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